Bluechew Free Trial: How to their Coupon to Get Samples

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Bluechew Free Trial: How to their Coupon to Get Samples

Bluechew is the best replacement for Viagra and Cialis in 2020. The undying popularity makes it the best erectile dysfunction treatment in the men’s health. Sildenafil and tadalafil are the two significant compounds crammed inside those small blue tasty chewable tablets. Taking advantage of the Bluechew free trial is your chance to test them out to see if they work well with your body. A Bluechew promotional code offers a no risk-free discount before proceeding with full payment of the subscription. We will show you how to use the free trial to save some money.

Bluechew Free Trial Subscription 

Bluechew is an online subscription service that brings together patients and certified physicians in their state to prescribe the medication of their choice. The primary Bluechew doctors and creators were educated and trained at the most respected medical institutions in Chicago, so the care they administer is always top-notch and high-quality. These physicians designed a product that helps the average man to fix erectile dysfunction problems. Each treatment aims to erect the penis and keep the stature throughout the entire night to handle a sexual opportunity that presents itself. 

Federally mandated public healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid are not accepted to cover the full cost of Bluechew. Signing up for the monthly subscription obligates you to an out-of-pocket expense. After approval, the prescription is packaged and mailed to your home ASAP free of charge to cover the first month. Payment will get charged the following month before the free trial expires.

Why Bluechew Samples Exist

The free trial is honored only with a coupon code. A promo code is inserted in most advertisements, detailed articles, and user-submitted blogs featuring informative posts about Bluechew. The poster is usually an affiliate or average Joe who discovered the treatment works for him and wants to share his experiences with the world. Regardless, their position is followed by a code in all caps for you to use and share the benefits. If no code is available, there is probably an affiliate to click to flip to another page where the coupon code is located.

The coupon codes offer a 100% discount, so there is no risk to participating in the subscription program. I used the promocode SURVEY from the Pleasure-Seeker website. Each one is different, but the word spells in all caps. You can find similar ones by typing in “Bluechew coupon or promo codes” in and running a search that will list all the websites, we covered this in our bluechew review in another post.

How to Apply the Coupon Code 

  1. Type the URL inside the search box to open the webpage
  2. Locate and click the blue Get Started button in the top right corner of the homepage
  3. Choose the plan that you feel best fits your needs

Two plans will carry either compounds sildenafil or tadalafil.

Active – The first plan contains six blue sildenafil pills, and the other plan is for four tadalafil that should last a month. The price for both is $20 to cover the first month. This plan is best for men who are sexually active but does not get some action regularly.

Busy – The first plan contains ten sildenafil, and the other plan includes seven tadalafil chewable tablets that should last a month. The price for both is $30 to cover the first month. This plan is the best for guys who get busy once in a while, maybe on the weekends.

Popular – The first plan contains 17 sildenafil, and the other plan contains 14 tadalafil that should last a month. The price for both is $50 to cover the first month. This prescription plan is best for guys who entertain multiple girlfriends several times a week. 

Pro – The first plan contains 34 sildenafil, and the other plan contains 28 tadalafil that should last a month. The price for both is $90 to cover the first month prescription. This is the best prescription plan for guys who get sex multiple times a week.


  1. Enter your profile details (email, password, state of residence)
  2. Take the health assessment questionnaire to prepare for the online consultation 
  3. Take a photo of your identification and upload the copy to the server for review
  4. Choose the billing and shipping information. Both could be different from one another, but the Bluechew reps suggested both should be the same. You should not have someone else pay for your prescription, although it is not restricted.
  5. The next page should have an open slot to paste and apply the coupon code that you have copied from another website.

Shipping Payment is Still Required  for the 1 Month Sample of Bluechew

Subscription for the prescription under the trial period is free after applying a coupon code. The only expense is the delivery method and speed of arrival. Bluechew is headquartered in Chicago. That is the location of pill packaging and mailing. They were manufactured at a pharmacy in New Jersey. The arrival time will depend on the method of shipment and how far you live from the Midwest.


Basic USPS mailing options include the First Class Mail, which has the longest home arrival. The average time frame for delivery is 5 to 7 days. The cost is $5.95 

The next USPS shipping method is Priority Mail. The cost is more than the last one at $7.95, but ships faster.  

Bluechew does not ship to patients located in US territories like Puerto Rico, American Samoa, or military bases. Hawaiian residents are accepted. No signature required when the large envelope arrives. It is flexible to fold and fit inside the average-sized mailbox.


The fastest delivery speed is overnight UPS Next Day Air arriving at the final destination. There will be a delay if you order your package on the weekend or during holidays because UPS is not operational. We advise initiating orders between Monday and Thursday. Factor in the one-day acceptance from a physician. The price for overnight shipping is $29.95. A signature is not required on arrival.

Assistance from Bluechew When Canceling the Trial

The friendly customer service telephone reps are friendly and helpful. They can help you pick the right plan if you are unsure which is the best for your situation and body. Most companies will have you waiting, but the Bluechew. Representatives answer the call several seconds after you call.


Bluechew is great. Testing it out is the next step. That’s the only way to make sure it works right with your body to determine if you need a sildenafil or tadalafil treatment. Use Survey to get some.

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